ANNAX was founded in 1996 through a management buy-out and emerged from a division of the company BOSCH. Since then, ANNAX was able to become a leading supplier in the market of passenger information systems through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. The ANNAX Group consists of 6 companies in four countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and China) and the number of employees has increased from 10 to over 240. Together we develop, design and manufacture a range of products, solutions and services for worldwide application in the public transport sector as per EN50155. The service offering of ANNAX is characterised by technological value added.


With 157 light rail vehicles and 31 buses, the AVG carries 67 million passengers in public transport a year and employs on average over 770 employees. In addition, the AVG has around 287 km of own and leased infrastructure and uses 561 km of track length for rail transport. Around the world the AVG is known for the innovative TramTrain system developed in Karlsruhe.


The Institute for Ubiquitous Mobility Systems researches in the field of application of mobility systems especially at the interface of interaction and models in ubiquitous systems. The expertise lies in omnipresent, distributed systems (ubiquitous computing), in the human-computer interaction and usability of ubiquitous systems as well as the modelling of complex systems and processes for adaptive systems.


MENTZ GmbH is a system house that has been developing software solutions for transport associations and operations since 1972 and now markets them worldwide. Its products include the electronic timetable information system EFA, which is used in many regions of Germany (including Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhine-Ruhr area), but also in major cities worldwide (for example London, Chicago, Dubai, Sydney). For many years, MENTZ has actively and committedly engaged in standardization at national (VDV) and European level (CEN). Thus, many of the standard interfaces used on a daily basis today have been significantly designed or co-developed by MENTZ (e.g., VDV-431-2 “TRIAS”, VDV 453/454, DELFI, CEN SIRI).


USU Software AG is the European market leader for knowledge-based service management. Their technologies allow companies from a wide range of industries and users of their services to provide information in a context-appropriate way. In the research department of the USU Group, modern data analysis methods, e.g. researched based on machine learning approaches and put into practice. Therefore, in one project an intelligent parking space search is conducted realized by pattern recognition in movement data of vehicles. The USU is active in many research projects and tests with four projects in the promotion programs Smart Data and Smart Service World. Thus, the largest use case for predictive maintenance was realized in Germany. In addition to technology for processing mass data of all kinds, USU also has employees with development expertise in machine learning and data analysis.

Associated partners


The Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund is a transport association whose tariff area extends over the centre of Baden into the southern Palatinate. He is thus transnationally active in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition to multimodal networking, on-demand solutions and autonomous driving, KVV is also continuously developing in the area of ​​smart data technologies in order to meet the mobility needs of modern society.


Bombardier’s focus in Germany is on the development and production of railway technology. Bombardier Transportation, a leading manufacturer of advanced rail transportation technologies, has had its global headquarters in Berlin since 2002.