Demonstration of SmartMMI Fieldtest Results

Presentation of the SmartMMI results

During a ride with the SmartMMI streetcar on 08 February 2022, we presented our semi-transparent display to interested representatives of the Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (AVG). The SmartMMI project aims to provide passengers with better information during their train journey. To achieve this, the project consortium focused on researching and testing the context-sensitive provision of mobility data on specially developed intelligent, transparent display discs. The prototype display panels were installed in a vehicle of the AVG six months ago. Since then, this vehicle has been on the road in the KVV network. The display screens could thus be field-tested by passengers in conjunction with the mobile SmartMMI application.

Your curiosity is piqued and you would like to learn more about our research project? Then feel free to register for our online closing event on Friday 25.02.2022. Here you will get exciting insights into the SmartMMI research project from us and the participating partners. More information about the SmartMMI final meeting.