Conducting a User Study to Evaluate our SmartMMI Prototype

On Thursday, the second of May 2019, a large user study took place in the IUMS lab. The aim was to find out the usability of our current interaction and visualization concepts at SmartWindow as well as the interaction between SmartWindow and Smartphone. Different evaluation methods were used at different stages of the study.

During a virtual train ride in our SmartMMI demonstrator, the eye gaze pattern was examined using mobile eye trackers. IUMS team members set predefined tasks for the participants which had to be fulfilled in a short time. Here, the evaluation tool “Thinking-Aloud” was used, as the study participants should comment on all their feelings and perceptions. Subsequently, each study participant filled out an online questionnaire in which some personal information such as demographic information and information on technical affinity was anonymously queried.

User studies such as these are a good way for us to evaluate the user-centered design in the SmartMMI research project with real public transport passengers in order to identify possible weaknesses and make the necessary adjustments for the upcoming field test in the KVV network. We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Dr. Bohnenkamp and the highly motivated students of the Management and Media Communication at the Karlshochschule for their great cooperation and look forward to future cooperation in this field. A short presentation of the IUMS lab and the existing possibilities complemented the SmartMMI user study.