SmartMMI’s SmartWindow – the Railway Window of the Future


A glance at the train window and the passenger is already informed about passing sights and their connections. What sounds a bit like science fiction is currently being researched in the research project “Model and context-based mobility information on Smart Public Displays and mobile devices in public transport”, or SmartMMI for short. Passengers in public transport want to be well informed in every situation. The project therefore focuses on improving the information supply of passengers along their mobility chain. Depending on the situation, and also on the passenger, the need for information changes – whether in the event of a fault, when plans are changed, to tourist destinations or to services available along the route, SmartMMI is investigating how passengers can be informed as appropriate to the situation as possible.

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Completion of the Passenger Cabin Prototype for User Studies in SmartMMI

In the middle of April 2019 our newest SmartMMI Demonstrator was completed. The design and manufacture of the wooden superstructure was performed with a carpenter from Karlsruhe. This demonstrator is a detailed replica of a railway cabin of the Karlsruhe trams. The completed demonstrator is used as an integrative prototype of the second iteration within the SmartMMI research project. This means that the previously developed components come together in this prototype to be thoroughly tested. The tests also include user studies to evaluate the usability of the SmartMMI system and the interaction with it.

First SmartMMI prototype at IT-TRANS 2018

IT-TRANS took place in Karlsruhe from 6 to 8 March – one of the largest trade fairs for IT trends, innovations and intelligent solutions for public transport. The IUMS was represented there at the booth of the Technology Region Karlsruhe (No. 120). Prof. Thomas Schlegel presented the research project SmartMMI on March 7, 2018 in the context of “Karlsruhe moves the world: Cluster for Transport Excellence” in the Market Update Forum A and under the title “Intelligent traveller information systems” in the TRK Forum.

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Presentation of the project and first results at IT-TRANS 2018

On 7 March, Prof. Thomas Schlegel presented the SmartMMI project at the Market Update Forum “Karlsruhe Moves the World: Cluster for Transport Excellence” at IT-TRANS 2018. Under the title “Intelligent Traveller Information Systems” first project results and future approaches were presented in addition to the future research approaches.

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360° panorama shot from the SmartMMI KickOff

The initial meeting in 2017 marked the start of the research project Model and context-based mobility information on Smart Public Displays and mobile devices in public transport (SmartMMI). The five project partners ANNAX GmbH, AVG mbh, MENTZ GmbH, USU AG and the Institute for Ubiquitous Mobility Systems (IUMS) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences are on board. With the aim of developing public transport into a Mobility Experience, SmartMMI focuses on improving the information supply to passengers along their mobility chain. The aim is to provide passengers with situation-specific information in the event of disruptions, changes in planning, to tourist destinations or about the services available along the route. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and the research initiative mFUND.

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Press release about KickOff from SmartMMI

Gruppenfoto mit Teilnehmern beim KickOff-Meeting

A glance at the railway window – and the passenger is already informed about the passing museum and its connection. A consortium under the direction of the University of Karlsruhe wants to make reality a bit more like science fiction – in a two-system train of the Albtal Verkehrs Gesellschaft mbH. “In SmartMMI we are making transparent display and innovative mobile technologies a reality for public transport passengers. Current and highly relevant information thus finds its way directly to the user – and makes public transport more attractive with digital technologies, “says Professor Schlegel, who, as head of the Institute for Ubiquitous Mobility Systems of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, also coordinates the overall project.

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