SmartMMI presented on virtual IT-TRANS 2020

The SmartMMI research project “Model and context-based mobility information on smart public displays and mobile devices in public transport” was presented at the virtual trade exhibition IT-TRANS 2020 as part of a round table on December 3, 2020. In addition to the project presentation and the presentation of conducted user studies and their results, a lively discussion took place on how semi-transparent display panels can be used to strengthen the local retail trade. The international trade exhibition and conference took place between December 1 and 3 for the first time in online format. For all those who could not be there live, please find a video of the presentation below.

Science Festival EFFEKTE 2019: IUMS presents SmartMM passenger cabin

The passenger cabin from our research project SmartMMI was presented on 6 and 7 July 2019 at the EFFEKTE 2019 science festival in Karlsruhe. IUMS team members showed the visitors the latest visualization and interaction concepts. It was also possible to try out and play with the urban railway Window of the future. The feedback of many visitors was quite positive, they were very open-minded about the use of the new technological facilities. Many visitors are already looking forward to the field test, in which a train equipped with the SmartMMI system will be travelling in the KVV network for six months. The interest of many visitors went beyond just trying out the system. Therefore, they were enrolled in a group of test persons for upcoming user studies. In the future, these test persons can be contacted in order to help User-centered design and try out the future changes.The SmartMMI project will develop multi-stage solutions up to 2020 and will run various users experiments test, so interested persons can contact the institute.

(Foto: U. Krebs/HsKA)
(Foto: U. Krebs/HsKA)

Video of Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft showing the stand at the Science Festival EFFEKTE 2019